What is Minimalism, Anyway?


Imagine white barren walls in a room decorated  with sparse, cold furniture and clean lines.  Is this how you envision minimalism? It’s what I thought before becoming one myself, but in reality, minimalism covers a much broader spectrum.

The idea behind the minimalist movement is not about having hard rules about how many things you should own, how big (or small) your house or car should be, or that your house is only decorated monochromatically. It is very much about living with intentionality and purpose. To own things without allowing things to own you. To be content with what you have and realizing that more does not equal happiness. Does what you own serve a purpose, do you use it? does it bring you joy? These are the questions you should be asking to decide whether or not an item is allowed in your home.

Throughout the process of decluttering our house, Tim and I had several conversations about our goals and what we wanted our home to be. Four years of marriage and a baby had left us feeling overwhelmed with all the “stuff” that had found its way into our rooms, closets, drawers, and cabinets. So when he agreed to join me in our own minimalist movement, we decided to only keep what we use or love. it was that simple. Those two questions got us through every room in the house. Actually, If I am being completely honest, we did four or five sweeps of each room of the house and let go of more and more with each pass. Now our home is clean, and only contains what we need and want. We are happy with where we are now, but are far from finished! I firmly believe that living a minimalist lifestyle is fluid and ever changing-a lifelong process of pursuing less. As for us, we have decided to live a purposefully minimal life!



2 thoughts on “What is Minimalism, Anyway?

  1. Heather, this is great! I could not have said/written it any better. I do not appreciate feeling as if my house is closing in on me. It’s completely overwhelming because of my demanding job as an educator which leaves me exhausted at the end of the day. Add to that, the responsibilities at home and you have a cluttered mess! Although my husband helps me with some of the housework, I still do most of the cooking and cleaning. So planning ahead and getting organized is a must for me start to feel whole again and free! Decluttering is a great start and I thank you for giving me that extra push and encouragement that I needed to begin to get this part of my life in order. Jackie

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