Leaving a Legacy

blog5leavingalegacyEverywhere you look there are companies vying for your hard earned dollars. We are being bombarded with advertisements on the daily, enticing consumers to buy whatever the shiny, new, “product of the week” is. Every pitch is the same: this item will bring you happiness, popularity, or an easier life. Let me tell you a secret, those are all lies. More stuff does not equal happiness. Success is not measured by what you own, it is measured by what you do.

That being said, it is terrifying to raise a child in a world that relentlessly panders to consumerism. I pray regularly that through our actions, Penelope will learn to love and follow Jesus. That she realizes that her worth doesn’t come in the form of owning the “right” things, but what’s in her heart. I don’t want her to have more than us, I want her to be more than we are.

There are a few simple changes that we’ve made in our daily habits that I feel have the potential to impact Penelope in a positive way; leaving a lasting impression. Even at 16 months, she has already picked up on our routines and will even initiate some of them. Our days are spent doing what matters most. Learning through experiences and exploration, while spending quality time together. Knowing that relationships with others will always be the most important “thing” you can have.

Far too many people in the world derive their worth from what they desire to own. No one ever changes the world by being like it, so I have vowed to take a stand against mindless consumerism. I choose to be content with owning less and being more. Do you? What type of legacy will you leave?


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