10 Reasons to Declutter and Simplify


This time of year the term “spring cleaning” gets tossed around quite a bit. If people actually decluttered their spaces, instead of just organizing them, it wouldn’t be this yearly ritual we’re accustomed to doing. In light of the spring season, I’ve listed my top 10 reasons to declutter – for good!

1. On the Hunt: According to Newsweek, the average American spends around 55 minutes a day (12 days a year) looking for things they own, but can’t find. What a waste! That is time that should be spent doing something more worthwhile.

2. One Man’s Trash: Sell or donate items that are in good shape, but you no longer use or want. Someone else may need them,  making it a win-win. You are reducing clutter all while allowing that item to bring joy to someone else (and maybe even make a little cash).

3. Overstuffed: Your home should be a living space, not a storage space. If every item in your house doesn’t have its own “home”, then you have too much. Clean rooms will still look messy and cluttered if shelves are bulging, tabletops aren’t visible, and closets are stuffed. Organized clutter is still clutter.

4: Less Housework: Piggybacking on #3, if every item doesn’t have a “home” or specific place to go when you’ve finished using it, it will feel as if you’re constantly cleaning. According to NAPO, getting rid of clutter will reduce housework by 40%! There will always be the tasks of sweeping, dusting, scrubbing, etc…, but moving items from one  cluttered space to another will no longer be on the “to do” list.

5. You aren’t using it anyway: If you haven’t used an item in six months or more, you most likely never will. Why hang on to it? If there is no sentimental reason for it to stay, or you don’t love or use it, get rid of it!

6. Clear Your Mind: Clear, uncluttered spaces release anxiety, helping to relax and sharpen your mind . According to research, there is a link to high cortisol levels in relation to cluttered living spaces. You may even sleep better as a result of decluttering.

7. Ready for Visitors: Long gone are the days of being embarrassed when unexpected visitors stop by. A decluttered home is much easier to maintain, making cleaning faster and easier. Implementing a few simple daily habits will keep your home in a constant state of tidiness.

8. Freedom: When your home is decluttered, you have the freedom to focus on what matters. Spend your time at home doing what you you enjoy.

9. Gratitude: The less you have, the more appreciation you exhibit toward the items you have deemed important enough to keep. When decluttering, decide what to keep instead of trying to figure out what you can get rid of. When the process is finished, you will only love and appreciate what remains.

10. Debt Free: It’s no surprise that if you’re being intentional with what is allowed in your home, you will be making smarter and less frequent purchases. This will, in turn, allow you to save money that can be used to pay off debts. In the words of Dave Ramsey, “Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else”.  What greater freedom is there than to not be a slave to lenders?

So… What are you waiting for? Make the decision to declutter and minimize today, so you can begin experiencing the benefits of these 10 reasons (and so much more)!

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