Where do I Begin? 



One of the most asked questions I receive is, “Where do I begin?”, “I want to declutter, but I’m not sure how to start.”  Want to know a secret? It’s not hard, you probably already have a good idea of what you use on a daily or weekly basis, so just start somewhere. Anywhere!

I chose to start in the kitchen. I knew it would be easy because there would be nothing sentimental to deal with, and I could recognize what items were used regularly vs. what was simply cluttering our cabinet space.

I knew the cabinets were full, but I really had no idea how MUCH had accumulated in a short span of time (four years). I donated or sold over 600 kitchen items, keeping only what we used on a regular basis. No “what if I need this…”, or “I spent x amount on this, I can’t get rid of it.”. In the process of cleaning out our unused or unwanted items, I realized I could release the guilt I had over certain things. That I didn’t have to keep something because I spent a lot on it or because it was a gift. If it didn’t get used, it wasn’t serving its purpose anyway. In donating/selling those items, they were given the opportunity to bring joy to others!

Now that the kitchen has been fully decluttered, it is so much easier to keep clean and tidy. I love spending time in there preparing meals or enjoying a cup (or three) of coffee! The picture below was actually taken about 10 minutes after a breakfast play date with three other moms and their toddlers. See? The amazing benefits of minimizing and decluttering!

Whether a counter top, junk basket, or catch all drawer, where are you going to begin?



This is what the kitchen looked like when we moved in. Dark, dated cabinets and yellow walls.

11 thoughts on “Where do I Begin? 

  1. Hi Heather. My kitchen counters are totally cluttered with food items that I do not have space for. We have a small kitchen with a very small pantry, so the counter is where everything goes. Where can input items like bread, various oils, extra spices, half empty wine bottles, cat snacks, dog snacks.😫 Snacks for the kids etc.etc.

    My pantry holds very little and much gets lost in the back…HELP!

    Thanks, Amy dlC

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    1. Hi Amy! First of all, congratulations on wanting to make a change! That’s the hardest step!

      In regards to your kitchen storage dilemma, I would begin purging absolutely every item, gadget, bowl, cup etc. that is not used by you (or a family member/housemate). Once that task has been completed, utilize the newly created cabinet space as a pantry area. My husband and I did this when we lived in a tiny apartment, and it worked beautifully; even with very limited cabinet space and no pantry. We keep pet food in the floor of our coat closet now, and at the apartment it was stored in the laundry area. Maybe getting creative in some areas is the key to your success. I would love to hear back with what you end up doing!



  2. loved looking at these pictures after reading your post on rachel’s site! thank you so much for sharing! would love to see any “before” pictures of your kitchen that you have!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! I have one photo of the kitchen before we moved in. Dated, dark wood cabinets and yellow walls. I’ll update the post to include that photo! There were no progress pictures because I was focused on clearing as much clutter as possible (and I hadn’t started Purposefully Minimal yet).


      1. oh! wow!! what a transformation you did with that kitchen! thanks for the “before” photo! you’ve really made that kitchen look welcoming and lovely! You are an inspiration!


  3. I love how you took the door off of one of the cabinets so you can see what’s inside, and also serves as an accent shelf. I would totally do that if I had my own place!


  4. Beautiful! What a peaceful space (not usually a word associated with kitchens!) This is not a minimalist question (though I am making great progress on my own journey), but what did you use/how did you paint your cabinets? I would love to paint our blonde woods ones white.


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