Traveling Lightly 


Last week, my family and I took a trip to Nebraska to visit Tim’s parents. As I started to plan what to pack, I kept in mind that we would be flying, and knew that we didn’t need to be lugging tons of bags through an airport with a toddler and a car seat. So we kept things light.

Prior to this little excursion, the amount of stuff that got packed for trips was equivalent to the spare space in the car. If it fit, we brought it along.  So many times I over packed “just in case” items only to never use them. What a waste! Waste of space, waste of time to pack and unpack, and a burden to carry around.  Until discovering minimalism, it never crossed my mind that there was another way. If you search online for a packing checklist, full-page charts detailing hundreds of items bombard the screen. With materialism being so prevalent, it really is no wonder why  over packing happens.

Packing too much? Not this time! I made it my goal to only bring contents that fit into one carry-on rolling suitcase and a back pack. This was for three people, two adults and a toddler! In the end we did it (with a little room to spare), and still ended up packing one outfit too many per person and slightly overestimating how many quiet activities we needed for Penelope. In traveling so lightly, I realized how little a person actually needs to comfortably travel (or live contentedly, for that matter). We had everything we needed for four days in those two small bags.

Now that we have done it once, there is no going back. Minimal packing is the only way I want to travel!  I practice minimalism in my daily life at home, why not from afar as well! For me, it is all about less stuff, and more adventure!


2 thoughts on “Traveling Lightly 

  1. Love this Heather!
    When I first started traveling for work, I always stressed about not having what I needed and overpacked. I almost always had to check my bag (or two)!
    Somewhere along the way I discovered that I didn’t need as much as I thought I did. If I truely did encounter a situation I was unprepared for, I could likely purchase what I needed (I have had to do that, too).
    Traveling light (minimally) is definitely the way to go! I’ve only done this for myself though, im really impressed you were able to incorporate Tim & P into the mix too. Thanks for inspiration 🙂


    1. Thank you! You’re right. There are typically stores close by where items can be easily picked up, if needed! We definitely kept that in the back of our minds when the temptation to cram the “just in case” things into our suitcase started to creep in.


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