Home Tour: Living Room


After the mass kitchen purge and the complete master bedroom makeover (You can read about those here and here, respectively), the next room we tackled was the living room. Tim and I started by mounting out TV on the wall, making it possible to sell the TV stand. A few other large pieces of furniture were moved out of the space and decorative “fillers” that neither of us liked were donated. These simple changes immediately made the room feel lighter; however, we weren’t finished just yet.

Majority of the bookcase space was taken up with media, so Tim copied our favorite DVD’s onto an external hard drive. The actual disks were donated,  with two shelves being emptied in the process. At this point we were one more step closer to enjoying a clutter free family space!



The final step in creating our ideal family space, was to rearrange the remaining furniture, and display the few decorative items we agreed to keep. While our living room is far from sparse, it is now purposefully minimal! A wonderful place to spend time together playing, reading, relaxing, or having the occasional movie night.



How do you feel in your living space? Cramped, overwhelmed, and stressed? Feeling the constant urge to clean or organize? If so, maybe you can benefit from decluttering down to only the things you use and love!






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