Family Pushback?


Are you becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of support or contribution from your spouse, significant other, or children? Do you wish they would be more willing to purge the excess from their lives (and yours)? You are not alone! I have had countless people  ask for advice on what to do when they are ready to declutter, but their families are not. I’m going to share a few key things that have discovered in hopes that it helps you as well.

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This is 29


Today (7/20),  I am celebrating my 29th Birthday, and have been reflecting on my life thus far. First off, when did I get so “old”?!? It is surreal to think of myself as pushing 30. In reality, age is merely a number and I am truly enjoying this life I have been given. Between being loved by my amazing husband, watching my daughter grow into the smartest, sweetest girl I know, and being surrounded by the best group of friends I could ever hope for, my life is rich beyond measure. Continue reading

On Esther and Purpose 


What is your passion? Each of us has a responsibility to live a life of purpose, in accordance to our talents and strengths. This week I have been studying the book of Esther, and in doing so, I noticed that Esther had some character traits that are not typically viewed as the makings of a heroine. She obeyed authority, was respectful, humble, conscious, meek, submissive, and timid.  In conjunction with those,  she was courageous; willing to give up everything-even her life, in order to fulfill her destiny. Continue reading