This is 29


Today (7/20),  I am celebrating my 29th Birthday, and have been reflecting on my life thus far. First off, when did I get so “old”?!? It is surreal to think of myself as pushing 30. In reality, age is merely a number and I am truly enjoying this life I have been given. Between being loved by my amazing husband, watching my daughter grow into the smartest, sweetest girl I know, and being surrounded by the best group of friends I could ever hope for, my life is rich beyond measure.

In these moments of reflection, I never thought about the stuff I have or don’t have (except maybe my Jeep, I seriously love driving my little blue Renegade!!!). But really, realizing that my worth doesn’t come from things is the best birthday gift I could ever receive! These days, I am all about the relationships and experiences that come with living a purposeful life!

So here’s to 29. A year to continue living a meaningful, minimal life full of love and adventure! I’d love to have you along for the ride! xoxo





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