Last week, while my family soaked in the last few moments of vacation, my daughter happily played in a tide pool. I knew there were even better ones to explore a little ways down the beach, but as much as my parents and I tried, Penelope refused to leave, even with the promise of a bigger or better one to play in. Instead, she focused on enjoying what she currently had. Her little tide pool oasis, perfect for splashing and “swimming”.


Some instances prove that children are wise beyond their years.  They have the ability to share different perspectives, they are still entranced with excitement and wonder of the everyday things we take for granted. If we stop to pay attention to these tiny musings, we will be reminded to take a step back, and enjoy the simple things life has to offer.

My little girl didn’t waiver from the promise of more, bigger, or better. Like her, we should all find joy in what we already have. Rather than searching for the next “must have” object, focus on what you do have and why you are grateful. Real, lasting happiness comes through contentment, and can be found through gratefulness and positivity.

Contentment is vital to sustaining a minimalist lifestyle, without it, you will quickly regress to your old ways of craving excess. Today, choose contentment. Enjoy life’s experiences, nature’s beauty, the company of friends, and following your passions. De-stress from the weight of consumerist tendencies and live a life of freedom!



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