A Life Well Spent


As I sit at the dining room table, sipping coffee and soaking in the first quiet, alone moment I have had in over a week, I am reflecting on the gift of life.

My Pawpaw passed away last Saturday (Oct. 15, 2016), and I was fortunate enough to spend the week in Charlotte with family. During this time, we gazed at pictures, shared memories, and proudly discussed Pawpaw Gene’s many accomplishments. Not one time was there talk of how much or what he had accumulated over his 79 years in this world. People only cared about him, as a person. His example, love, kindness, laughter, mechanical genius, riding John Deere tractors, and service in the United States Air Force were all important parts of him, and how he is remembered.  Now, the question remains, what actions am I taking to impact my husband, daughter, friends, strangers, and family members in a way that is pleasing to the Lord? Like Pawpaw, I want to leave behind a strong legacy, positively impacting the people I encounter each day.

If it is time and actions that are most important, then why burden loved ones with the task of sorting through a lifetime of frivolous  “treasures” after you’re gone?  I would much rather spend my time here on earth instilling positive values and memories of togetherness; to leave a more meaningful presence than merely a collection of possessions. I am intent on making the one life I get, count. What about you?


“The most important things in life aren’t things.” -Anthony J. D’Angelo



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