The Hard Stuff 


Do thoughts of decluttering send your mind spiraling toward the sentimental? If you are brand new to the idea of minimalism or decluttering in general, don’t let those thoughts prevent you from getting started. Begin with the easy things, leaving the hard choices for much, much later in the process. However, if you have been at the decluttering game for a while now and are left only with your collections, memorabilia, family heirlooms, photos, and other sentimental treasures, this post is for you. Continue reading


You Don’t Own Me 

I have always been a people pleaser. This personality trait has done a great job of keeping me “reeled in”, while simultaneously masking my true self. I have too often found myself wondering if I’m “too much” or “not enough”.  I have noticed that the older I get, the less I care about what other people think of me. Honestly, my husband’s opinion is the only one that truly matters. We’re in this marriage thing together; he is my best friend, and I value his input and preferences. Continue reading

8 Daily Habits to a Clutter Free Year


Happy New Year!

The beginning of a New Year prompts many to make resolutions, only to bring the disappointment of failure a few weeks later. What if, instead of making empty resolutions, you set an actual goal with a plan? Are you struggling with the amount of clutter in your house?  If you’re simply overwhelmed with a full schedule with little down time, the feeling that you are always cleaning, and have next to no time dedicated to the things you really love doing; you are not alone! If I just described you, and you’re ready for a real change, keep reading. Continue reading