8 Daily Habits to a Clutter Free Year


Happy New Year!

The beginning of a New Year prompts many to make resolutions, only to bring the disappointment of failure a few weeks later. What if, instead of making empty resolutions, you set an actual goal with a plan? Are you struggling with the amount of clutter in your house?  If you’re simply overwhelmed with a full schedule with little down time, the feeling that you are always cleaning, and have next to no time dedicated to the things you really love doing; you are not alone! If I just described you, and you’re ready for a real change, keep reading.

I have come up with eight daily habits to a clutter free life. These can be used a baby step to tip-toe into a more minimalistic lifestyle, used as a maintenance after you have fully decluttered you home, or helpful if you are somewhere in between. They are applicable to everyone!

  1. Take 5 minutes to clear a space. This daily habit may seem small, but with time, will make a substantial difference in the spaces of your home. Focus on taking a relatively small chunk of time to clear off a counter, stack of papers, drawer, shelf, etc.… Repeat as often as you have short spans of “free time”. Tip: Set a kitchen timer in five minute increments and clear as much as you can before it goes off.


  1. One in, two (or more) out. Simple, yet effective. When bringing a new item into your home, eliminate one or more other things to prevent an accumulation of clutter. This is especially important if you are actively decluttering or in “maintenance mode”.


  1. Minimize storage bins, baskets, and containers. Once you have emptied a bin, get it out of your house. If you have empty storage containers hanging around, you will likely refill them. Prevent re-cluttering by discarding them altogether. Tip: I fill empty bins with other things to donate, and drop everything at a donation center.


  1. Make your bed every day. It literally takes less than 90 seconds for Tim or me to make our bed. In that quick, simple act, the entire atmosphere of the bedroom changes, encouraging us to keep the whole room tidy. You’ve probably heard that clutter attracts clutter. It’s true! An unmade, disheveled bed acts as a gateway for other areas of disorganization to creep in. Don’t procrastinate, make your bed first thing in the morning!


  1. When finished with an object, immediately return it to its “home”. Every item in your house should have a specific place to be kept, displayed, or stored. Whether you have finished your decluttering journey or not, get in the habit of putting things back, immediately. This will assist you in keeping a tidy home.


  1. Sort and take care of mail as soon as it comes inside. Again, clutter attracts clutter. Sort, trash/recycle, and put away all mail as soon as you check the mailbox. This will maintain clear counters and tabletops.


  1. After finishing a meal, wash or load dirty dishes, and put away any leftover food. This is a quick process when the whole family chips in, and you get the immediate satisfaction of a clean kitchen.


  1. Incorporate the belief that your self-worth is not tied to what or how much you own. Your things do not define you. We live in society that advertises to the contrary, but know that it is only a ploy to sell more product. You do not need the latest and greatest to fit in. In a world, full of discontentment, stand up to societal norms to be more with less.


Well, what do you think? Are you ready to implement these eight relatively simple daily habits to reclaim your living spaces (along with your sanity)? Make the changes now to claim this year as yours! A year to declutter and live a life that is purposefully minimal!




6 thoughts on “8 Daily Habits to a Clutter Free Year

  1. Oh, I love these ideas. They are practical unlike some where they tell you to purge everything. I cannot handle when they tell me to take a picture of great grandmother’s 100 year old water glass then throw it out. Sometimes there are things of value to keep, but to have a place for everything is a far better idea. Thanks again. I may come back and re-blog. Not sure how much room I have on my site. HAHA!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great advice Heather! One thing that I always told my children “don’t put it done put it up”. I love reading the things you write! Happy New Year!


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