Conquering the Closet


Contemplate your dream closet. What image comes to mind? I can bet everything is tidy and fits perfectly within the space allowed.  Clothing items are easily accessible and you look and feel fabulous wearing everything in its confines. Your accessories have been carefully selected to enhance your outfits, and are displayed in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and reachable. Now, I challenge you to think about your current wardrobe situation. Are there items from ten or more years ago, buried under more current pieces? How about things with the tags still attached? Unwashed or worn all while taking up precious real estate? Are you hoarding ill-fitting clothes out of guilt? Thinking that perhaps you should keep them to get your money’s worth? Now, think back to your ideal closet.  Are you willing to make the necessary cuts to achieve that dream? Continue reading


Love Day Musings


Valentine’s Day is upon us, are you prepared? As an elementary schooler, this day was my jam. Crafts, cards, candy, and class parties. As an adult; however, it seems plain icky to me that the day intended to celebrate love has become grossly commercialized.

Continue reading

Buying Happiness?


Let’s talk about materialism. Do the things we own, actually own us? Most of America is trapped in this this fruitless attempt to attain the unattainable: happiness via material goods. The size of homes has nearly doubled since the 1950’s, yet we, as a whole, are still dissatisfied. Following fleeting trends and remaining constantly on the hunt for the next “best thing”, suggests that owning more does not equal happiness. If it did, we wouldn’t continue searching for the latest and greatest. Christians, consider the consequences of discontentment and material acquisition from a biblical standpoint. Our joy comes from the Lord, and is not dependent on what or how much we own. As a matter of fact, we are merely managers of our wealth during the time we spend on earth. I find this reference from Ecclesiastes interesting: Continue reading


Breaking the Cycle of Excess


This afternoon I was watching my daughter paint. She had beautiful swirls of pink and white flowing around the canvas, then asked for red. What a perfect addition, considering it is February, right? In theory, yes, but in this case, Penelope used a series of three brushes to cover over the previously painted parts with a large wash of red. Soon, she realized what happened and stopped painting. Understanding that adding more of the same wouldn’t change the outcome.  Continue reading


Half Full


I have resolved to be a glass half full kind of girl. My first instinct in any given situation, is to search for the positive. Optimism isn’t an emotion or feeling, but a way of thinking that anyone can achieve. I wasn’t always this way though, far from it.  I gradually learned to shift my thoughts from critical to cheerful. As with any habit, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Continue reading