Half Full


I have resolved to be a glass half full kind of girl. My first instinct in any given situation, is to search for the positive. Optimism isn’t an emotion or feeling, but a way of thinking that anyone can achieve. I wasn’t always this way though, far from it.  I gradually learned to shift my thoughts from critical to cheerful. As with any habit, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Minimalism, or voluntary simplicity, is not the norm, but despite that, my husband and I have decided to embrace the lifestyle of living with less.  I assume that if you are reading this, then you are, at the very least, intrigued by the idea too. The first step to pursuing a minimalistic lifestyle, is to change your way of thinking. You must first ready your mind, and believe that this is something you can accomplish! Then be willing to live life a little differently than majority of western culture. Relinquishing material things to focus on the important.

Individual insecurities draw out negative emotions and place them at the forefront of our mind. It is far more challenging to point out a positive attribute than it is to criticize, especially with ourselves. What is holding you back from making the first step to pursuing minimalism? Is it the crippling effect of comparison? Worry that you won’t follow through, or be “good enough”?  I was listening to KLOVE this morning when a man called in to share something that happened in his life, and a phrase he said caused me to stop and reflect. “The truth is free, so don’t buy the lies.” Wow. Isn’t that profound? How often do we buy the lies we tell ourselves? Let’s focus on truths; they are free after all.

Our society places a large emphasis on “fitting in”. Satan tries to whisper lies to us all day long, in an attempt to take our minds down the dark path of comparison. Lies dealing with our physical appearances, relationship statuses, parenting styles, possessions… and the list goes on. Resolve to push those thoughts aside and be the best YOU, you can be. We are all created with different skills, talents, and attributes; so why try to stuff ourselves into little boxes of sameness?  I, for one, have learned to embrace my weirdness, and resist falling into the trap of comparison. To live an optimistic life of less, to gain more. What about you?







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