Breaking the Cycle of Excess


This afternoon I was watching my daughter paint. She had beautiful swirls of pink and white flowing around the canvas, then asked for red. What a perfect addition, considering it is February, right? In theory, yes, but in this case, Penelope used a series of three brushes to cover over the previously painted parts with a large wash of red. Soon, she realized what happened and stopped painting. Understanding that adding more of the same wouldn’t change the outcome. 

Do you feel as if you’re over your head? Wondering how you could have possibly accumulated so much within the walls of your home, yet you are still bringing in more after each shopping trip? To truly kick the clutter, you must stop it at the source. Make the decision to be content with only the things in your home, then protect yourself from sabotage. 

If you know Target is your weakness, avoid going without a true need (then adhere to a list!). Is bringing home toys for your child a problem?  If so, it would be in your best interest to not go browsing the toy aisles, gift shops, or souvenir stands. Are books an area of vulnerability? Instead of heading to the bookstore, hit up your local library to borrow in place of purchasing. Maybe scrolling online yard sales and amazon is how you spend your free time, but are those impulse purchases really necessary? Put a halt to mindless consuming, and focus on the excess already surrounding you.  I know these things are easier said than done, but once the habit is established, consumerism becomes much less desirable. I promise.

Shopping is widely viewed as a hobby, but is that short lived burst of adrenaline you feel after a purchase really helping?  After you come down from “buyers high”, don’t you crave that feeling again and search for more? If you already have too much, how is adding more going to help?  Stop the cycle! Save your home and sanity by declaring enough is enough! Ignore the clever advertising strategies and desire to accumulate merely to keep up with ever changing trends. Stop the influx of things coming in, so you can sort through what is already in your home, without adding to the clutter. 

The desire to live in a clutter free home is attainable. Make changes in your purchasing habits now, to see the benefits later! Stop accumulating and start living- a clutter free life! 



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