Love Day Musings


Valentine’s Day is upon us, are you prepared? As an elementary schooler, this day was my jam. Crafts, cards, candy, and class parties. As an adult; however, it seems plain icky to me that the day intended to celebrate love has become grossly commercialized.

Tim and I recently stopped by the store for a few items, where upon walking through the doors, were bombarded with all things pink, white, and red.  Tim looked over at me and jokingly questioned if he was required to buy me anything special. Already knowing the answer, we chuckled, and continued our rounds, grabbing only the things on our list.

Apart from maybe making a heart shaped pancake or writing a sweet note, Tim and I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day. Rather, we strive to show our love for one another every day. We do things for each other because we want to, not solely because the cultural norm dictates we do so. We both prefer quality time, touch, and words of affirmation. In practicing those actions over consumerism, we feel loved while simultaneously preventing clutter from accumulating in our home or filling landfills with discarded junk and novelty items.

If you are a person whom loves getting gifts, consider requesting consumables from your significant other. It’s the perfect holiday for nice chocolate, lush flowers, a dinner out, fine wine, travel, massage; the options are endless.  

Valentine’s day will arrive tomorrow. Ready yourself, and know that with or without gifts galore, or even a special someone, you are enough. You are immensely loved by the Creator of the universe, your family, and your friends. Don’t let corporations, clever marketing, or pressure from others make you feel anything less than amazing.

So, to my single, dating, and married friends, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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